the experience

what camera do you use?

"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams
Photography is far more about the light and capturing the momement than about a camera.

what happens before the shoot?

Communication is key here. Fully understaning expecations and comfort are essential.

How to photograph a portrait

Sometimes real skills are found in the ability to break the rules, which can seperate one from the majority. Always working to look at things differently is key.

How to be photographed

It happens that after a lot of time spent to apply the right makeup, selection of colors, clothes and suitable setting to achieve that special result

Studio shooting

Portfolio can be useful not only for professional models

Studio photography requires special art of the photographer, and a studio genre is perhaps of greatest popularity. And, of course, studio portraits are always expected some subtleties from: it transmits a unique image of the model, and not just her face, but even nature, emotional state, and the inner world.